“Energy Curve,” installation, 2002. Damien B. Contemporary Art Center, Wynwood
“Sand Bridge,” installation, 2016. Deering Estate Festival of the Arts, Miami 
“Charcoal Bouquet,” floor installation, 2002. Damien B. Contemporary Art Center, Wynwood
“Charcoal Spheres,” installation, 2008. Sheer Lithium, solo show, Hardcore Contemporary Art Space, Wynwood
“Yesterday’s News,” installation, 2005. Damien B. Contemporary Art Center, Wynwood 
Ena Marrero’s studio, ArtCenter/South Florida, 810 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, 2006 
Sheer Fear Installation Series; glass and stockings, left; charcoal and stockings, right, 2005. Materially Speaking: Seven Women Artists; Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach
Heat Wave, 2006. Solo installation show, Art Deluxe, Wynwood
“Energy Triangle,” 2006. Heat Wave, Art Deluxe, Wynwood
“Roots,” 2005. Hardcore Contemporary Art Space, Wynwood
“It Was In The News,” rifle target paper, 2018. Artist’s collection. 
Floor installation, artist’s studio, ArtCenter/South Florida, 800 Lincoln Road, 2009
“Dogy Memory Bang,” 2009. Artist’s studio, ArtCenter/South Florida, 800 Lincoln Road, 
Detail, “Dogy Memory Bang”
“Cappucino Disk,” wall installation, 2010. ArtCenter/South Florida, 800 Lincoln Road
“24 per second,” 2018. Artist’s collection. 
“You Can’t Put a Code on Nature,” series. Mixed-media collage on paper, 2017. Artist’s collection. 
“Three Red Mice,” 2009. Collage on wood panel. 
Installation drawing on paper, 2004-2018.

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